Meet and Greet:       No Charge

Dog Rates

Morning/Evening                                          Each Visit:              $23                                                                               Up to two dogs. We change their water, feed, and let your pet outside to exercise and potty, and we ALWAYS give lots of love. Each additional dog is $2.00.  These visits are typically for 30 minutes, longer visits are available

Midday Hugs:              $18                                                                This Midday Hug visit price is offered in conjunction with either a Morning or Evening visit. Up to two dogs. We let your dogs outside for a mid day potty break. Each additional pet is $2.00.  Snack or medicine is included.  These visits are typically for 20 minutes, longer visits are available.

Walking:                            $20                                                         Two days minimum required.  We take your pet on a twenty minute walk and clean up after them. Each additional pet is $2.00.  Longer walks are available.

Cat Rates

Morning/Evening Visit:  $20 each visit       Additional cats $2.00 each. We will change your cat's water, feed, and clean        the cat box, and comfort your kitty while we are there. We recommend at            least one daily visit for cats.

Other Pets

Other small caged animals or birds  $18 each visit (price may vary depending on quantity of animals.)

Overnight Stay:            $80                                                             Upon Availability, 7PM to 7AM.  

Medications are free during any visit.

Pet Cam Services:  $10 First Day, $5 each additional day.   Requires adequate home network signal.  You can view, hear and talk to your pets on your Iphone while you are away. Quality is dependent on your Internet service provider and data services of your phone.

Vacation Checks:          $15                                   We pick up your newspapers, bring in your mail, turn lights on or off to give your home a lived in look.  We put out your trash and bring it in.               

Pet Transportation:   $30 One Way. $40 Round Trip.     

Pet Transportation is offered with a 10 percent discount to seniors over age 62. Trips are for 10 miles each way.

     The fees above are a general outline.  Fees may differ due to the nature of            services requested.

References available upon request